kwin Publish time 2014-7-26 16:04:46

Kwin HD skins(One skin 12euro,Four skins 30euro!)I will update every week

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the new skin will update in my
or you can see the last reply in this page,thank you

want to see more new skin pictures? just find 10#

my photo album:
The admin selling post:file:///C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\%[email protected]$ACOF(TYDYECOKVDYB.png

How to Buy skin?
Over the past 20 euro=one skin.
from now on
One skin 12 euro,
two skins 20 euro,
Four skins 30euro!
↓↓↓↓paypal:[email protected]↓↓↓↓
after you pay,please send a message to my email([email protected]).tell me which server you play,your getamped account and password.
and tell me which skin you want buy (send me the pictures)
My E-mail: [email protected]

Support all Getamped server (except China server)

Catharsis Publish time 2014-7-26 17:06:52

Good *0* {:5_165:}

pepe Publish time 2014-7-26 20:04:41

well done!!!

ssuperza Publish time 2014-7-27 02:48:41

very nice skin

/xScribble. Publish time 2014-7-27 05:48:06

WAAAH! I Want ONE T^T. {:5_169:}

Tak195§ Publish time 2014-7-27 11:48:09

Yeah, nice. Pro HD skin for only 12$ soooo cooooooool{:5_168:} Thank Kwin {:5_166:}

Greenzy Publish time 2014-7-29 06:04:38

Very Good{:5_139:}

DaeeN Publish time 2014-7-30 15:39:19

I can lose my account.
Can you give me the file? Or can you redownload the skin if i lose it?{:5_144:}

pocespoc001 Publish time 2014-7-30 21:47:09

I pay today, what day I recieve the Skin?

kwin Publish time 2014-7-31 18:49:49

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