shion_sakurano Publish time 2012-4-25 05:43:46

Search toradora(taiga skin)

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Hello I'm shion.Is anyone have aisaka taiga skin(tora dora(convert))??If yes please pm me or post in this topic thank you everyone:)

Thomasu Publish time 2012-4-25 06:54:41

these are the Aisaka Taiga skins I have:

Here's the download link for the skin:

Click on 'Click here to start the download from sendspace' the second, not the first one.

shion_sakurano Publish time 2012-4-25 06:56:15

Thomasu posted on 2012-4-25 06:54 static/image/common/back.gif
these are the Aisaka Taiga skins I have:

Thank you very much :)

Thomasu Publish time 2012-4-25 06:57:18

shion_sakurano posted on 2012-4-25 06:56 static/image/common/back.gif
Thank you very much :)

you're welcome

achandra Publish time 2012-4-25 08:27:29

hahahahaha :D

falconx7 Publish time 2012-4-25 23:43:44

nice skin ddd

rose312 Publish time 2012-4-26 01:15:34

nice skin hehe :D

gasieuwaytq Publish time 2012-4-26 02:52:34

nice   {:4_93:}{:4_93:}{:4_93:}

Hajui Publish time 2012-4-26 14:36:31

Nice one ! my twitter : Ricardo_0184

babozz Publish time 2012-4-26 15:40:50

the 2nd is prettier than the 1st {:4_101:}
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